Once again, I hit New York city to take in the sights, rock out, and sell comics at the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art Festival. In that order (chronologcially). Here are some pics:

I got into town a few days early, and the licensing fair was going on at the Javits Center. I popped in to check it out, and I got to meet one of my all-time heroes: "Beetle Bailey" creator Mort Walker!

There was also a giant inflatable Pikachu, but that was less impressive than Mort Walker.

Ditto life-size Lego Batman.

If there is one thing I am a sucker for, it's a Dixieland band. Fortunately, I happened to stumble upon this one in Washington Square Park on Friday.

Okay, convention time! Here's my little chunk of table all set up for sales. Next year I'll have a full table to myself (and even more stuff to hawk), so I'll be able to spread out a bit more.

Nickelodeon Magazine's Chris Duffy recoils in horror at the Wide Awake 666 anthology.

It seems like every year I meet one or two cartoonists I knew nothing about, but whose work is really impressive. This year one of them was Hilary Florido.

I took like five tries to get this picture of Zack Giallongo and Stephanie. I think her fingers are still sore from holding the pose for so long.

Hey, here's Ryan Dunlavey and Fred Van Lente, creators of the Xeric-winning comic series Action Philosphers. Their next project is a history of comics (in comics form) and I can't wait to read it.

Charlito from the Indie Spinner Rack podcast giving a little speech before the Saturday-night ISR dinner. He is actually this blurry in real life, too!

Also at that dinner, I got to share a table with some great bald cartoonists: Jamie Tanner, GB Tran, and Neil Swaab.

Chris Schweizer totally ruled the school from behind the One Percent Press table.

I knew the work of Mike Maihack from the group illustration blog Sugar Frosted Goodness, which we're both members of, so it was nice to meet him in person at the show!

Which is cuter--Katie Skelly or her paintings? We grabbed lunch together on Sunday, and she drew this to commemmorate the event:

She included my bum foot and milkshake! It is the most flattering drawing anyone will ever draw of me, ever. I'm sure of it.

Hot cartoonist couple John Green and Marion Vitus, modeling a couple of awesome t-shirts.

Marcos Perez of Cliff Face Comics poses with an issue of "Tear Stained Makeup" and a cup of coffee.

Monica Gallagher and her pal/manservant Matt were part of the talent powerhouses up on the Puck Building's lovely 7th floor.

"Johnny Hiro" creator Fred Chao, drawing in someone's sketchbook at the AdHouse Books table.

Here's the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund table. Greg Thompson (right) is a huge supporter of my work, and he was determined to spread the word about my comics even if it meant browbeating his co-worker Elizabeth all weekend until she finally broke down and bought everything I had for sale. Fortunately, she came back later to tell me she was glad she did. Thanks, Greg!

I always like it when people post pictures of all the rad stuff they picked up at the show. I didn't get a chance to walk around and shop much, but a lot of cool books still found their way to me. If I missed yours, drop me a line and I'll keep an eye out for it next time!

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