I went back to the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (S.P.A.C.E.) in Columbus, OH this year, but I wasn't alone. Along for the ride were my new pals Matt Hawkins, MK Reed, and Robin Enrico. We got into town late Friday night.
MK and Matt are glad to finally relax in the hotel room after a nightmarish journey through the depths of Columbus.

So is Robin!

I should mention that our hotel arrangements were taken care of by Brooklyn's own Liz Baillie, who shared a table with Robin. Here they are at the show, pondering things.

Here's the spread of stuff I had for sale. Pay no attention to the mess behind the table!

Thanks to Jeff Manley for this pic. Actually his wife took it.

From behind my table, I had a pretty good view of the con floor, except for that damn blurry guy!

The best part of my view? The lovely Lorena Caiazzo, whose hilarious and shocking comic "Statutory Grape" was the coolest discovery of the day.

...for ME, that is. But only because I already knew the work of Paulette Poullet. Here she is (on the right) with table-mate Ed Piskor, telling it like it is.

See that glue stick on the right side of the frame? We spent seventy-five hellish minutes in a creepy Wal-Mart at one A.M. so MK could buy that thing.

Suzanne Baumann, cartoonist and owner of the very clever fridge-mag.net domain name.

Here's the crew of Pittsburgh's Space Monkey Comics, lurking in the shadows.

The patriotically-named Young American Comics. Somewhere, David Bowie considers a lawsuit.

Foreground: Curt Gettman of the Pittsburgh-based Unicorn Mountain comics/literary/rock-and-roll anthology. Background: some jackass in a furry orange bear suit.

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