Once again, I treked down to lovely Bethesda, MD to hawk comics and other stuff at the annual Small Press Expo.

I met tons of awesome creators and fans, sold a bunch of stuff, and distributed the top-secret "Marvel Gang-Bang" unauthorized bootleg tribute mini to people who rock. Oh, and I got totally 'faced. Here are pictures:
Even if I hadn't sold one thing all weekend, hanging out with guest-of-honor Harvey Pekar made the trip worthwhile.

Here's minicomics review guy Shawn Hoke. He likes my comics. I like him.

Pittsburgh 'toonist Paulette Poullet didn't spring for a table, but she fashioned this clever pouch out of a waitress belt and walked around the con passing out her minis to cool people. What's that? You didn't get her minis? Oh, man. I feel sorry for you.

J. Chris Campbell: 'faced or not 'faced?

Me and the Neil Jam/Happy Town crews: definitely 'faced.

Rafer Roberts, modelling a shirt by Pittsburgh artist (and Marvel Gang-Bang contributor) Mark Zingarelli!

I had never seen or heard of Aaron Renier until I bought his rockin' book "Spiral-Bound" a few weeks ago. It is awesome. He is awesome.

When I was in college, I totally would have peed off here.

If you believe that taking a picture of someone captures their soul, then Neil Kleid and I should probably trade back sometime.

Dan Zettwoch! Dan Zettwoch!

Matt Feazell will draw anywhere! Here he's sketching on a paper plate.

Keith Knight hosted the Ignatz awards and got drunk simultaneously. All good cartoonists need to multi-task.

I said, "Hey, Harvey Pekar, can I take your picture? He said yes. He saw me slowly bring the camera to my eye. I counted to three before pressing the button. For some reason, he still looks totally caught off guard. Here he is with collaborator Ed Piskor.

If you don't know Ben T. Steckler, you haven't been to a comic convention.

Cartoonist MK Reed very graciously put up with my drunken ramblings Saturday night, although she did rag me about them (a lot) the next day.

Jim Ottaviani looked at this picture of him at the picnic on Sunday and quipped "Dark is my best side." Funny guy. Professional writer.

Look! A bunch of people. That's newly-engaged "Garfield" fan Dave Roman in the center.

The festivities end Sunday afternoon with the traditional SPX softball game. Rich Koslowski pitched for the creators' team. I'm not sure who's behind him, but man! Those are some snazzy pants.

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